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Website Monitoring Service

Website Uptime Monitoring

Website Uptime Monitoring

Fully automated website & web server uptime monitoring service.

Your website checked every 5 Minutes

Frequent Website Checking

Your website checked every 5 minutes, 24 hrs a day!

Automatic TXT Alerts

Automatic TXT & email Alerts

TXT alerts sent to your mobile if your site goes down.

Online uptime reports

Online Statistics & Reports

Check your websites uptime & response time statistics online at any time.

free website and web server moitoringas easy as 1..2..3..

Start monitoring your website today in just 3 easy steps:

Choose the monitoring service that's right for you
Sign-up & confirm your details
Tell us which websites or servers to monitor
We'll do the rest!

Our other services

free website and web server moitoring

1 HTTP monitor
15 min checking
email alerts
Link required
FREE Forever

easy website and web server monitoring

5 server monitors
5 min checking
Response time stats
10 free TXTs /month
$5.00 per month
FREE 30 day trial


Because our services are completely automated we've been able to bring down the costs as well, monitor a website or server for just $1/month for each!

100% Risk free!

With all our services the first 30 days are free, so why not give it try?

Check out our website monitoring services to see which one is right one for you?

What's more if you're willing to add a link to our site, you can use our free website monitoring service "easy monitor Lite".

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